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“Why risk a fall with your seat up tall, when you can pedal like a pro with your seat down low”

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Unicam Access TPS has 250kg (550lbs) weight capacity.

Health & Fun

Unicam Retroflex: when TPS physiotherapy stops, cycling for health & fun starts.

Unicam, based in Somerset, have been helping people for 25 years to restore joint function, maximise their potential and enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Pedal System

 Unicam Therapeutic Pedal Systems for any knee / hip / ankle range of movement.

NHS Supplier

Proud suppliers to the NHS for 25 years. 



TPS award winning design.

Any Range Of Knee Bend

Retroflex Adjustable Cycle Crank Adapters allows cycling with any range of knee bend.

Easy & Safe

Retroflex Comfort Cranks, making cycling easier and safer for everyone!


Maximise your performance potential with the super lite Retroflex Custom Crank Service.



The unique Retroflex pedal crank systems bring the joys and benefits of cycling to all ages and abilities from recreational cycling to amateur and elite performance.



Unicam Therapeutic Pedal System (TPS) enable clients with the most severe joint restrictions to benefit much earlier in their rehabilitation journey from a real life cycling activity that can be continued after treatment finishes and in many cases improves their quality of life.

Therapist controlled- Patient Driven Therapy produces satisfying outcomes for both therapist and client.


Training & Servcing

An important part of the service we provide to enable you to optimise the use of our equipment.

Onsite servicing of your Unicam Therapeutic Pedal System.

We are looking to develop on line tutorials and offer live training sessions.

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