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The DPC18 LC Display is a large high-contrast color matrix bafang display, and it is compatible with our Bafang mid drive motors (include BBS01B/02B/HD),all can also work with bafang rear/front motor, this is one of the most fashionable and popular displays. Use of a two-way serial communicationprotocol, simple operation of the display viathe external 5-key keypad,Improve safety while riding.



  • Battery guage
  • Watt/Amp display
  • Speed display
  • Time 
  • Trip Odometer 
  • Power assist level
  • Easy error code messages
  • an USB port to support mobile devices.

Ebike screen settings

  • Speed display: displaying the real-time speeds, the maximum speed as MAXS and the average speed as AVG.
  • Km or mile: The user can choose between km and mile.
  • Intelligent battery level indication: With an optimization algorithm, The user can define display mode of battery level as volt-age or percentage.
  • Automatic light-sensitive lights: The head-light, and display backlight will be automatically turned on/ off depending on lighting conditions.
  • 5 levels off display backlighting: 10% is most dark, 100% is highest light.
  • 6-Level-Support: setting power Levels 0 to 5.
  • Trip distance indication:  Single-trip distances TRIP or the total distance TOTAL can be displayed.
  • Two kind of riding mode: “ECO”/“SPORT”
  • Intelligent display: including motor’s output power W for riding
  • Remaining miles range, consumption of energy calories.
  • Set boot password: user can set password to switch system on
  • Set parameters: Various parameters, e.g. power assistance level, wheel diameter, speed limit etc.can be set on the computer via a communication cable. 
  • Through the display, it can switch wheel diameter and speed limit.

Bafang DPC18 Display

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