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Pedal Assist Function

The Bafang ebike motor systems are a favorite among e-bike user. The Bafang 250W 36V BBS01 ebike kit is very quiet and smooth, pedal assist function is responsive and works well. Installed with an e-bike display you can use the pedal assist function, which you can ride easily with the power assist. 


Legal To Ride

It should be noted that in order to comply with UK, EU e-bike laws, maximum continuous power output should not exceed 250 watt – in this case, the Bafang 250W electric bike conversion kit is legal.


Application for Motor BBS01

The Bafang small power e-bike motors are more suitable for the bikes run in the city, such as commuting eMTBs, e-bikes, electric cargo bikes, etc. Moreover, by using lower power motor, the bike requires a smaller batteries which makes it lighter.


Brake Levers

The kit will work with or without the brake sensors plugged in. The Bafang kit does not come with brake sensors, you can select the brake levers option made for standard cable actuated brakes. You also have the option of getting magnet sensors which allows you to adapt your existing brakes. 


Reliable Bafang Ebike Kit

Bafang motor BBS01 failure is rare nowadays. Our displays and batteries are highly compatible with Bafang Motor, our display shows every detail for the conversion kit (and batteries), it makes the whole e-bike system more reliable.


Confirm The Measurement

Before choosing a kit, a simple measurement is a must to avoid returns due to improper sizing and to give the customer a better understanding of the product size.


Package Includes

eBike Conversion Accessories

  • 1 x 250W 36V Bafang Mid Drive Motor
  • 1 x Speed Throttle
  • 1 x Speed Sensor
  • 1 x 1T4 Cable
  • 2 x Cranks
  • 1 x Nuts Pack

Option Accessories

  • 2 x eBrake Levers 
  • 1 x Chain Wheel

eBike Conversion Tools

  • 2 x Gloves
  • 1 xWrench
  • 1 x Crank Removal Tool
  • 10 x Cable Ties


  • 1 x Headlight
  • 1 x XT60 Battery Cable
  • 1 x Spec Sticker (250W36V BBS01B)
  • 1 x User Manual


Battery and display is not included, they are displayed as options. Please find these on the shop page. 


Fitting available, please get in touch to discuss. 

Bafang 250W 36v Mid Drive Motor

    Cycle to Work

    We accept Cycle to Work schemes, please get in touch to discuss.