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  • Do you have to pedal an electric bike?
    Yes. You ride them just like a ‘normal’ bike but you have different output modes available, meaning you can ride with as much or little assistance as you like.
  • How long does it take for an e-bike battery to charge?
    Just 4 - 6 hours from empty. Our bikes usually do 1000 full charges and then dip to 80%. Your bike will still work after 1000 charges, just need charging a little more often.
  • What’s the maximum speed of an electric bike?
    15.5mph (in the UK). It’s illegal to go faster than this, any additional speed that is generated will be by you!
  • How long does the battery last on each ride?
    30 - 70 miles depending on the level of assistance and bike brand. If you charge after every use it will last longer, up to 70 miles per ride.
  • Does an electric bike need any special maintenance?
    Keeping your bike clean and regular bike services will keep your bike working smoothly and the software up to date
  • What are the running costs of an electric bike?
    Roughly 7p per charge of the battery. No fuel costs. Not only are you getting healthier and experiencing the outdoors, you’re doing your part for the environment. Win win!
  • Are there any UK laws I need to be aware of?
    The UK law regarding electric bikes is slightly different to EU laws. If a bike meets the EAPC requirements it’s classed as a normal pedal bike meaning you can ride it on cycle paths and anywhere else pedal bikes are allowed. You must be over 14 years of age.


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