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Electrical Repairs


We have set up this service to give eBikes a new lease of life. This enables you to keep your bike going after the battery has given in. 

Battery Care

When purchasing an eBike, we recommend charging the battery until it’s full before first time use. This is because Lithium batteries require care for a longer life. 

However, during long periods of time when the battery isn’t being used, for example in the winter months, you may think it will not require attention or charging.. it does. A battery needs to be kept at its acquired voltage. If it’s a 24v battery, it has to stay at that voltage. If it drops it’s voltage, you risk the battery not waking up when you come to use it next. If it drops too much the Battery Management System (BMS) will no longer be able to recognise it’s full potential. This could result in the charger not being able to charge the battery due to a combination of cell voltage imbalance and cells being below the cut-off voltage. 

To prevent your battery shutting down whilst in storage, we recommend checking your voltage with a digital voltage meter every 3-4 weeks. If it drops below it’s desired voltage, put it on charge immediately. We also recommend using only the charger that came with your battery. 

Battery Re-Celling

We don’t stock new batteries for two reasons. 

  • There are so many types of battery.

  • Being stored will kill the battery.

It’s essential that your battery is fresh, not stored and left unattended. Here at Dragon Cycles, our eBike batteries are checked every 3 weeks to insure the voltage is correct and that the battery is ready to go when a bike is purchased. 

You may be wondering why batteries need to be re-celled, this is a chance for your old battery to come back to life.

We can do this for you. 

Know when your battery is faulty

The most common way of knowing if your battery is faulty is when the battery range isn’t as far as it was when you first bought it and it will take less time to charge to full. 

If this is the case with your battery then do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you. 

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