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Hi, we’re the Thomas family, the heart of Dragon Cycles, based in Cardiff. As a biking family, we’ve been exploring UK hot spots for the last 12 years.


It’s this passion that has led us here. The freedom of cycling, the outdoors and the physical benefits of cycling, motivated us to bring this pleasure to as many people as possible.We recognized it can be really daunting for everyday people to get into this passion, with overpriced bikes, intimidating shops and overwhelming jargon. That’s where we come in.


We hand pick every e-bike we sell, and pride ourselves on our exceptional service to our customers. You’re buying so much more than an e-bike, it’s your freedom to the outdoors, an opportunity to make memories, and a mechanic to get fitter and healthier, no matter what your age, shape or size.

Us next to Knaap eBike


Accredited with the highest attainable qualification in professional cycle maintenance in the UK. With the growth of itechnology, and evolution of bike systems, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customers. With 24 months aftercare, and our expertise in systems - we’ve got you covered!

Over the last 12 years, we’ve cycled over 100 routes, we often share routes to empower others on their own experiences. Some of our most breathtaking and unforgettable moments as a family have happened in these beautiful places, they are much simpler to get to than most think!

As a family business, we thrive on personal relationships and exceptional service for our customers, including home delivery and aftercare. We care about your future, and want to bring the pleasure of cycling to as many as we can, so we keep things simple; no cliquey jargon used here.


Bought a beauty yesterday. Hand delivered by Phil, his knowledge is second to none!

Katie & Partner

We can not thank you enough for the excellent service you gave with our purchase of our new bike - love it!


Ive been out for several rides now and the bikes in great condition. Thank you Phil, great job!

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With top quality, hand-picked bikes from around the globe, find your perfect ride. Commuting, fun or sport.. we've got them all!

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